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Read in Ned: Library Resources and Recommendations


By Cathy Grace 

Here at the Nederland Community Library, we love to tell you where to go – er, rather, what to read! Well, that didn’t come out right, either. In truth, we love to share our enthusiasm for the many resources available through our library, and highlight our particular favorites. While we’d like to be able to buttonhole you in person as you walk into the library, to tell you about what we’ve been reading/listening to/watching, well, dang it, we can’t always be there when you are!

Some of the things we’ve developed to help you, the patron,

include targeted booklists and bookmarks with mini-reviews which both staff & volunteers have penned. We also have Reader Recommends bookmarks for you to fill out: we (and other patrons) want to hear what YOU have to say!  And we definitely don’t go by the old saw “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” For example, see my brand new Recommends bookmark for The Warehouse by Rob Hart, which is a novel I felt very uncomfortable reading, but which did disrupt my thinking.

More about booklists:

several times a year, we put together lists to draw your attention to a few new and forthcoming books which have caught our interest. We have these lists available in print form at the library, on our website, and – beginning in January – by email link.  The latter will be listed on our library card applications for easy signup for those new to our library, but if you’re already a card-holder, click on the newsletter link on our website to subscribe.  Currently, we’re doing several adult lists: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Romance; in the wings are Audio and Movies, as well as periodic “If you like this, try ______” suggestions. We also will entice you with Young Adult and Kids’ titles.  We’d love to hear from you about other genres you’d like to see!

Have you tried Kanopy,

our new movie streaming service available free with your member-in-good-standing library account? You can access up to 10 movies a month, and the selection is AWESOME, both new and classic movies. Go to to create a free account, and go from there!

Finally, for online books,

check out 3M Cloud Library and Overdrive (and the easy-to-use app, Libby), all reachable from our website. You’ll find more than 20,000 e-books and audio books, available for free through your library membership.   


Tell us about your experiences accessing our various library resources, let us know if you need help, and reach out if you have a suggestion, recommendation, or purchase request. We are here for YOU, so let us know what you want. Here’s to a 2020 filled with new literary and cinematic adventures!


Cathy Grace is a Library Assistant at the Nederland Community Library.

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