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Current Art Exhibit

Artist Statement:

Carol Kozlowski (American 1948-)  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Moved to San Francisco in 1969.  Relocated to Coal Creek Canyon, CO in 2000.  My studio, “12 Paws” is nestled in the woods behind my home surrounding me with nature as I create.  Mainly I work with India Ink, oil, acrylic and whatever may be at my fingertips.  When using India ink and watered down oil and acrylic paints, I allow gravity to take over.  Gravity intrigues me!  Letting go and taking the risk of the unknown excites me!  Brushes and palette knives are also used along with tools from the concrete trade.  Gravity, Nature, Color and Geometry is the heart and soul of my work.

                                                    Enjoy the show!


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