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Current Art Exhibit

‘Winter Wonderland’

Nederland Elementary School



Kindergarten – Grade 1

This exhibit focuses on winter. 

Kindergarten students were introduced to contrast by using black and white construction paper to build emperor penguins. They used tempera paint and practiced making tints to create the sky. Kindergarteners were introduced to the element of art space. We discussed foreground and how images were larger and closer to the bottom of the page, middleground, and background and how images were small and closer to the top of the page. Students placed their cut out penguins in position to display their knowledge of distance and space.  

Grade one looked at the northern lights and polar bears. They used liquid watercolors to paint the northern lights. Afterwards they looked at images of polar bears and drew them with marker on white construction paper.  First graders cut out and added their polar bear to the composition. 

The artwork on display supports our emphasis on “Winter Wonderland.”

-Susan Blurton, Nederland Elementary School Art Teacher

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