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Frequently Asked Questions:

-Who/What is the Foundation?

The Nederland Community Library Foundation is the fund-raising arm for the library. Money raised by the NCLF goes to support all aspects of the library, including programming, book and magazine purchasing, computer and technology
support, and even land development.

-What does the Foundation do?

The NCLF performs a variety of fund-raising activities. For example NCLF hosts an annual used book sale that allows the public to purchase inexpensive and used books that the library collects from the community. The NCLF also sells “pavers”—the bricks outside the front door that can be engraved with a special message or commemoration. The NCLF also sends an annual letter to library supporters to report on how donations are spent and to encourage further support. In addition to these activities the NCLF also hosts a yearly appreciation party to thank the library volunteers who are critical to the library’s smooth functioning.

-I already pay taxes to support the library. Why do they need a “fund-raising arm?”

While the taxes from the library district are certainly critical to library operations, there are many reasons why those funds are insufficient to continuing the smooth operations of Nederland Community Library. First, the tax increment established ten years ago has dwindled because of property reassessments, reducing the amount the library is granted. Meanwhile library usage has sky-rocketed with patrons depending on services like public computer use, wireless internet access, Storytimes, after-school programs, and of course, access to book collections all over Colorado.

-How can I get involved or donate to the Foundation?

Contact the library at 303-258-1101 or stop in for information about joining the NCLF.

Donations to the library are both critical and greatly appreciated. There are self addressed envelopes behind the library circulation desk that can be used to send in donations, or you may simply mail them to:

Nederland Community Library Foundation
PO Box 1226
Nederland CO 80466

You may also donate in person at the library, or at any of the events held by the foundation throughout the year, such as the annual book sale held by the NCLF.

The NCLF is proud to be listed on Colorado Gives website. Click here to visit NCLF’s Colorado Gives page where you can schedule an electronic donation and learn more about us.

Thank you for the support you provide to our beloved Nederland Community Library.

The Nederland Community Library Foundation (NCLF) is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to:

  1. Provide positive public attention for the Nederland Community Library’s services, facilities, and needs;
  2. Promote and advocate the use and enjoyment of the Nederland Community Library; and
  3. Provide supplemental funding for the Nederland Community Library’s collection and educational programs.

NCL Foundation Board Of Directors

There are ten Board Members responsible for planning and carrying out the goals and purposes of the Foundation.

Please contact any of the members of the Foundation Board at: <ahref=””>
or at:

Nederland Community Library Foundation PO Box 1226, Nederland CO 80466

Linda Hurth, President
Sue Hubert, Vice President
Christy Howe, Secretary
Molly Melamed, Treasurer
Linda Bukatko
Kathy Guyton
Randy Sachter
Lucy Stroock

Nederland Community Library Foundation IRS 501(c) (3) Tax ID 84-1596340

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