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Bookclub Resources

Order up to 12 copies of the same book for your Bookclub.

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse the Book Bag Catalog
  • Decide on a book for your Book Club (DO NOT click the Sign In button-it’s for staff only and will result in your order hanging out forever unseen in the Cloud’s no-man’s-land.)
  • Email or call Marni or Cathy with your choice, 303-258-1101. We will place the hold (if patrons place the hold, it doesn’t make its way to the State Library).
  • The bag is checked out to a single patron, who is responsible for collecting and returning all the books to us, together in the bag.
  • The check-out period is 8 weeks.

Bags come with 8-12 copies of the book, discussion guides and book club guides.


Sci-Fi Bookclub




More Bookclubs

Interested in learning more about different  bookclubs in the Peak to Peak area?
Send us an email here.

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