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Read in Ned: Manderley Again

The season for Whodunnits, our own Pumpkin Bake-off, new books and Holiday festivities

by Elektra Greer

As Autumn’s woodfire smoke and shimmering leaves embrace us in their evanescent glory, it’s near-impossible to resist waxing poetic on the metaphors of the season. And though I willingly surrender to this season’s melancholic and atmospheric charms, this time of year also offers a time of introspection and discovery. Both, I believe, are renewal for the soul. Nature gives us permission to slow down, go inward and take time for thought. There are few places better suited to getting lost in one’s thoughts than a public library. You may discover you want to stay lost forever, in which case, you’ll find yourself among friends!

  • This month we have been industriously preparing for the haunted chills of October and the soon-upon-us festiveness of the Holidays. We invite you to stop by and check out our new books, programs, Sunday hours (starting November 4th) and booklists. On November 8th we will be hosting an informal Open House and Pumpkin Bake-off. Enjoy sweet and savoury, pumpkin-inspired treats, hot cider, and time to catch up with yourself and your neighborhood librarians.
image by PavelVinnik

Check your Whodunnit knowledge

To whet your appetite for a month of chills and thrills before the conviviality of the Holidays, how many of these Whodunnits can you solve in this perfect, Whodunnit-reading season?

Blanket, Flashlight, Begin …

  • A cold November Day. Three Pines. A mysterious figure appears. Whose conscience is being judged?
  • LAPD Detective. Cold Case. A runaway. What happened on a Dark, Sacred Night?
  • A kidnapped daughter. Mexican desert. A wry Wyoming sheriff. Where is Standing Bear?
  • Medical thriller. A cop and a coroner. What is the secret?
  • Vulture eye. Dead man’s beating heart. What is beneath the floorboards? A raven?
  • Calais coach. Little grey cells. Who, or how many?
  • Last night I dreamt. Of what?
  • Lost in London. Dressed entirely in white. Who really belongs in an asylum?
  • East Germany. West Germany. Espionage. Come in from the cold.
  • Lonesome moors. Black hound. Bogs. Atmospheric reads don’t get better than this!

Whether you’re a frequent flyer library patron or not one yet, we hope you’ll make time for one of this season’s greatest pleasures: time to slow down, reflect, and possibly read, or reread a great book!

Elektra Greer is the Director of the Nederland Community Library.

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