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Social Media Policy

1.0 Purpose:  To set guidelines for creating and maintaining library social media sites and  standards for public comment and feedback on these sites,  including the terms in which the library can remove said comments.

 Definitions: Social media is defined as any web application, site or account created and maintained by NCL  which facilitates an interactive online environment between library staff and library users.  This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, library-created blogs, and any other online community the library may be a part of in the future.

3.0 Policy:  The goal of the use of social media by NCL is to expand our engagement with our mountain community in order to exchange information, and to  share ideas about library programs, events, resources and materials.

The content of social media will be created by Library staff.  Content will relate to our library’s mission and positive interactions with community members will be promoted to foster an atmosphere of education, learning and respectful dialogue.

The library does not collect, maintain, or otherwise use personal information stored on any third party sites in any way other than to communicate with users on that site, unless permission is explicitly granted   otherwise by users.

NCL recognizes and values differences in opinion and experiences.  Comments and postings from the public are encouraged, but will be reviewed by library staff for content appropriateness.  Library staff reserve the right to review all comments and postings and delete comments that are inconsistent with the mission of the library.  Staff may block the person who posts inconsistent or inappropriate material to the library’s social media sites, but only after said person has received one warning that they are violating the policies contained herein.

Comments or postings that fall within any of the following categories below will be deleted by library staff and/or may lead to a warning and a ban for one year of posting on the library’s social media sites.

  • Personal attacks, insults, profanity, racist and threatening language;
  • Spam and commercial posts;
  • Posts that violate the library’s code of conduct;
  • Posts which discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation, creed or ancestry;
  • Pornography;
  • Copyrighted or plagiarized material;
  • Private, personal information published without consent;
  • Posts related to organized political activity

Any posts that reveal personal information about persons under the age of 18 will be removed from the library’s social medial platform, unless specifically related to library events and parental permission has been given.

Any social media user who has been banned from posting to the library’s social media sites or has had content deleted,   may appeal this decision, in writing, to the Library Director.  The Library Director may affirm or reverse staff’s decision within 30 days of receiving the appeal.

A staff member will be designed to monitor and maintain all library social media for content.

Library Expectations

Library staff exercise editorial control on our social media platforms to create a safe and welcoming environment.  Postings by users do not indicate library endorsement of the ideas, issues, links, or commentary posted.  Additionally, endorsement is not implied via “following,” “friending,” or otherwise linking to other online entities.

Patron/Online User Expectations

Patrons are expected to always communicate online with respect and consideration of others, in adherence to the library’s code of conduct. Obscene, harassing, or abusive language is not tolerated.

Online users are encouraged to always protect their privacy and to not post personally identifying information.


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