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Infectious Disease Outbreak Emergency Response Plan

Infectious Disease Outbreak Emergency Response Plan

1.0 Purpose: To have a plan in place, subject to modification,  based on timely information and shifting conditions, in the event of a public health emergency of local or national concern.

2.0 Definitions:

3.0 Policy: An effective response to an infectious disease outbreak requires ongoing coordination and communication with public health officials, local government and educational entities. The District will seek to provide a balanced, responsible response to the community and staff through coordinated efforts of communication.

Continuity of Services

The District will maintain continuity of library services to the greatest extent possible while working to provide safe facilities for both patrons and staff.  The District emphasizes preventative measures and individual responsibility for taking steps that contribute to staying healthy and preventing the spread of infectious disease.  However, no amount of reasonable effort can ever guarantee that public places are free of infectious agents.

Temporary Reduction or Suspension of Services

The Library may be closed temporarily under one or more of the following conditions listed below.  The decision to temporarily close the Library will be made by the Library Director, with all reasonable efforts made to consult the District Board President and/or District Board Vice-President.  The District will strive to maintain access to its online resources in the event the physical facilities  are  closed.

  • Advisement by local public health officials
  • School District closings
  • Public visitation is too low to warrant keeping the library open.
  • Too few staff members available to operate the library.
  • Any other conditions which prevent the District from operating the public facility safely and effectively.

Personnel Policies and Procedures

Depending on the nature of the library being closed, selected staff may have the option of continuing  to work in the building or have work-at-home options, depending on their work responsibilities.

Potential ongoing work duties with the library closed are:

  • Collections inventory
  • Processing and cataloging materials
  • Ordering materials
  • Website projects
  • E-reference
  • Computer and network maintenance
  • Building projects and repair
  • Administrative activities
  • Marketing


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5.0 Revision History: Original Approved—March 4.2020


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