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Magazines for the Younger Reader

Children’s magazines are filled with information

Read in Ned Nov. 14, 2016

by Celine Cooper

As we all know, the Nederland Community Library offers a plethora of reading materials for patrons of every age. Not only do we have picture books for little ones, and novels for adults, but we also offer books in large print, graphic novels, and magazines for both adults and children. Our children’s magazines are not only filled with great information, but are also a great tool to use for kids to become interested in certain subjects – especially if they are reluctant readers.

Magazines present information in a concise, easy to read platform, often with visual aids and bright colors to engage the reader. At the library, kids can travel to Mars or the Sahara Desert, or read poetry and essays by their favorite authors, or admire drawings by their favorite illustrators. Because magazines are shorter and more succinct than books, readers can read at their own pace, and find pieces of writing that genuinely interest them- leading to a greater interest in reading as a way to gather and assess information. Many kids who read magazines will go on to read newspaper articles as adults, where one’s viewpoints can be challenged or affirmed, validated or disproved.

Magazines also offer fun infographics and images that can be used for everything from collages to book reports, to Homeschool projects. The magazines we offer for younger readers at the library are: Cricket, National Geographic Kids, Horn Book Magazine, and Ranger Rick. Each of these has something interesting and fun to offer the reader.

aspencat.infoIn Cricket, for example, one can take a “Which Monster are You?” test on one page, then turn the page to read a fictional Chinese Zombie story with an informational note at the end about the history of Chinese zombie folklore (which yes, is a “thing,” and it dates much further back than The Walking Dead TV series does). Cricket is also sprinkled with letters from readers, fun illustrations, poetry and captivating stories – perfect for enticing a beginning reader.

National Geographic Kids and Ranger Rick touch on anything and everything from the natural world including, how different animal parents carry their young, fortuitous mistakes that have led to cool inventions, and the latest in human efforts to explore Mars. By reading these magazines, kids can supplement what they are already learning in school with short articles that they can choose themselves.

The Horn Book Magazine is best for kids who are interested in new books, series books, graphic novels, and the people who make them. Each issue highlights different authors and illustrators in their “Five Questions for…” section, which highlights their methods, life experiences, and current works. Horn Book Magazine also has thoughtful and thorough reviews of books for readers of all ages, that are current with trends and which seek diversity in their content.

Some people may see magazines as “fluff” or non-essential reading, but here at the library, we see them as portals to new and exciting worlds, presented in a fun and non-threatening way. Come in and see for yourself!

Celine Cooper is the Children and Youth Services Coordinator at the Nederland Community Library.

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