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Happy Birthday, Grandpa!


We at NCL are pleased to celebrate Grandpa Bredo’s 120th birthday! Enjoy this snippet of our interview with Teresa Crush-Warren; the full interview will be released for your listening pleasure on Sunday, March 1. Get the insider scoop on the early years of Frozen Dead history! This is only the beginning of our FDGD programming!! Help us celebrate Grandpa Bredo’s birthday by sharing your best Frozen Dead stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #NedSpeaks and you could win a variety of Vintage FDGD merchandise, custom 3D Printed Sculptures, and other fun prizes!

Check out Ned Speaks on all of the social media for regular updates on the project, and take an active role in recording local history and telling your unique story by sharing your Nederland experiences with the world. #NedSpeaks

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