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  • Yes, we have WiFi available for your laptops! We also have electricity available for your use.
  • The library has 10 desktop computers available for public use.
  • All have unfiltered*, high-speed internet access.
  • All are running Windows and have MS Office (Word, Excel etc.)
  • All have Read/Write CD drives and flash drive access. No floppy drives.
  • There is a shared, black and white printer for public use (available under the same time guidelines).
  • Copies are 10 cents a page.
  • There are currently 2 computers in the Children’s area with interactive books and educational software.

* There is no software or settings restricting the viewing of content. Monitor children appropriately.

Responsible use of the Internet at the Library

Patrons using the Nederland Community Library Internet access may not:

  • violate any federal or state law or regulation
  • falsely represent themselves as another user
  • infringe copyright
  • communicate in a threatening, harassing, or obscene way
  • create unreasonable noise or disorderly conduct
  • attempt to violate system security
  • alter terminal software, screens, menus or icons
  • infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage or alter the software components of a local or remote computer or computing system
  • abuse the Library’s equipment
  • install or run software programs that have not been installed by the Library
  • use the Library’s computers or equipment for hacking or any other unlawful activity.

Internet Access.  Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their own children and guiding them in the use of the Internet.  the Library requires patrons under 18 AND THEIR PARENTS to sign and abide by a written code of conduct that includes prohibition of access to illegal Internet materials.  The Library does not otherwise limit access to library materials or attempt to protect users from material that some may find offensive.

Violations.  The Library staff does not actively monitor computer and Internet use.  If it comes to the staff’s attention that patrons are using library computers in violation of library policy, patrons will be reminded of the policy and asked to stop immediately.  Patrons engaging in disruptive behavior, illegal activities and/or conduct in violation of library policy will be asked to stop the offending behavior immediately.  Patrons who refuse to comply with library rules and policy can lose computer privileges and may be required to leave the library.

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