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Stephen R. Ruddock | Photography

Stephen R. Ruddock knows photography. He was trained by some of the finest to do some of the trickiest, speediest photography, as well as position himself and his tripod in places few have even traversed. He can fix a Porsche and then capture it at 180mph on film. He’s climbed atop an 18,000-foot peak just to photograph its 20,000-foot neighbor, braving cold, wind, snow, and earthquakes simply to do so.

“Even if I won the lottery today, I would still take photos. I love being creative, taking something every Tom, Dick, and Harry has done and making mine a little different.” Steve has a natural talent for doing so—an “eye for it.” His photo of Machu Picchu in Peru excels those printed in every book about South America. The quality of this photo comes from the moment of broken clouds that cast a glow upon the ruins, while shadowing all the thick peaks surrounding it. Steve spent all afternoon of his second day at the ruins trying to capture the spiritual essence of this ancient ground that the Spanish Conquistadors never found.

Steve has found other treasures and photographed them differently than your average tourist. He has enjoyed traveling to common places to shoot classics like the Grand Canyon, the slot canyons of the southwest like Antelope Canyon, the massive peaks Huascaran, Alpamayo, and Pisco of Peru, and will soon cover the Flattops. He often sells “pictures” to people exemplifying what they “saw or did” in these well visited areas. Steve can photograph the same touristy shot, but his technical craft and superior equipment turns out a better picture than you can capture with a 35mm automatic camera. (from The Local , in a Steamboat Springs newspaper interview written by Nichole Abbott)

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