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New Books at Nederland Community Library – July 2020

Just Some of the Newest Titles to hit the shelves at NCL!

Let us know if something catches your interest and you don’t see it;
we’ll bring it in for you!



By Peter May
Written over fifteen years ago, this prescient, suspenseful thriller is set against a backdrop of a capital city in quarantine, and explores human experience in the grip of a killer virus. London, the epicenter of a global pandemic, is a city in lockdown. A remorseless killer has been unleashed on the city. D.I. Jack MacNeil, counting down the hours on his final day with the Met, is sent to investigate. His career is in ruins, his marriage over and his own family touched by the virus. Sinister forces are tracking his every move, prepared to kill again to conceal the truth. Which will stop him first —the virus or the killers? Check availability

The Wedding Thief

By Mary Simses
Two sisters in love with the same man — one engaged to him and the other about to sabotage the wedding — struggle to reconcile in this delicious novel from the bestselling author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café. Funny, soulful, and as sweet as buttercream, The Wedding Thief is the perfect summer read. Check availability

A Long Night in Paris

By Dov Alfon
From a former Israeli operative—and now a #1 London Times bestseller—comes the most authentic spy thriller of the year, perfect for fans of John Le Carré and Homeland. When an Israeli tech executive disappears from Charles de Gaulle airport with a woman in red at his side, logic dictates youthful indiscretion. But Israel is on a state of high alert nonetheless. And for Commissaire Léger of the Paris Police Force, all coincidences are suspect. When a second young Israeli from the flight is kidnapped, this time at gunpoint from his hotel room, his suspicions are confirmed, and a diplomatic crisis looms. As the race to identify the reasons behind the abductions intensifies, a covert Chinese commando team watches from the rooftops—while hour by hour the morgue receives fresh bodies from around Paris. This could be one long night in the City of Lights. Check availability



The Mountains Wild

By Sarah Stewart Taylor
Introducing a compelling new mystery series from a mesmerizing author, The Mountains Wild tracks a cold case involving New York police detective Maggie D’Arcy’s cousin Erin, who has been missing for 20 years in Ireland. Check availability

Dead Girl Blues

By Lawrence Block
A story “recounted in journal form by its protagonist, and begins when he walks into a roadhouse outside of Bakersfield, California, and walks out with a woman. And rapes and murders her. But, um, not in that order. Right. But it’s what he does with the rest of his life that’s really interesting…”–Publisher’s description. Check availability



The Splendid and the Vile: A saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the Blitz

By Erik Larson
Drawing on diaries, original archival documents, and once-secret intelligence reports-some released only recently, Larson provides a new lens on London’s darkest year through the day-to-day experience of Churchill and his family. The Splendid and the Vile takes readers out of today’s political dysfunction and back to a time of true leadership, when-in the face of unrelenting horror-Churchill’s eloquence, courage, and perseverance bound a country, and a family, together. Check availability

More Myself: a journey

By Alicia Keys
An intimate, revealing look at one artist’s journey from self-censorship to full expression. Check availability

Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America

By Stacey Abrams
A recognized expert on fair voting and civic engagement, Abrams chronicles a chilling account of how the right to vote and the principle of democracy have been and continue to be under attack. Abrams would have been the first African American woman governor, but experienced these effects firsthand, despite running the most innovative race in modern politics as the Democratic nominee in Georgia. Check availability

Billionaire wilderness: the ultra-wealthy and the remaking of the American West

By Justin Farrell
Weaving unforgettable storytelling with thought-provoking analysis, Billionaire Wilderness reveals how the ultra-wealthy are buying up the land and leveraging one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world to climb even higher on the socioeconomic ladder. The affluent of Teton County are people burdened by stigmas, guilt, and status anxiety–and they appropriate nature and rural people to create more virtuous and deserving versions of themselves. Check availability



A Family for Louie

By Alexandra Thompson
A French bulldog who loves gourmet food has trouble finding a family that is just right for him.
Ages 3-7. Check availability

Swashby and the Sea

By Beth Ferry
No-nonsense Captain Swashby is used to the sea meeting all of his needs and when, after his retirement, new neighbors disturb his solitary life, the sea helps in just the right way. Picture book. Check availability




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