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World Book is here to support teachers, librarians, students, and parents through virtual learning.
Our digital databases are designed for every stage of a student’s educational journey and ideal for reinforcing

knowledge and instruction with trustworthy activities, relevant content, assessments, and tutoring.

World Book Online allows students the chance to access coursework and other educational materials anytime,

anywhere—providing a platform to keep them engaged and eager to learn. It also opens the door for those who

need additional help or time outside of the classroom. We aspire to continue reaching students and provide them

with the tools they need to succeed.

First-time Users CLICK HEREWorld Book Web

AGES 3-7

Developed with experts in early childhood
education, this re-designed database offers rich resources to help young learners build their vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency.

Early Learning

AGES 6-10

This go-to resource is chock-full of fun activities,
hands-on science projects, and age-appropriate articles, and offers image-based navigation to help young learners find information quickly and develop necessary digital literacy skills.

World Book Kids

AGES 10-14

Tailored specifically for students, articles include
multimedia and related resources to engage students, biographies, and supplemental tools to support cross-curricular studies.

World Book Student

AGES 14 and Up

A wealth of vetted articles supplemented by
thousands of original source documents fosters advanced research and critical thinking skills and prepares students for continued growth!

World Book Advanced

World Book Discover

This site is ideal for struggling readers and English Language Learners and includes a Life Skills 101 section with tips such on topics as applying for jobs, budgeting, arranging housing, health care issues, social skills and more.
(Recommended ages: 12+)
Grades 5+

Kids eLearn

This unique, Arabic-language general reference site was designed for primary
students. A search and visual browse feature enables simple navigation, and a collection of
biographies, science projects, maps, and hand-on activities will captivate young learners.
(Recommended ages: 6-12)
Grades K+

Dramatic Learning

Access a robust collection of popular plays with everything needed to put on a production. Lesson plans and extended learning pieces that help students become more fluent readers, understand core concepts, and internalize content. (Recommended ages: 8-16)
Grades 3+

Banco de Contenidos aulaPlaneta

A comprehensive Spanish database designed for native Spanish-speaking researchers and advanced bilingual and ESL students. Features include a virtual museum, an entire encyclopedia devoted to Mexico, STEM resources, and more! (Recommended ages: 12+)
Grades 5+

Activity Corner

Thousands of cost-effective, hands-on activities with easy, clear instructions, photographs, illustrations. Search by standard to supplement the curriculum, or explore the site for fun at home! Every activity contains a list of materials for easy reference and can be printed, e-mailed, or saved to your personal computer. (Recommended ages: 3+)
All Ages

Spanish-language Encyclopedia

The ideal Spanish-language reference tool for those learning Spanish and ELL students. Browse features provide visual prompts, and bilingual features allow students to toggle between Spanish and English text. Articles, videos, maps and activities more. (Recommended ages: 6-12)
Grades K+


Hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures. Timelines also allows users to create their own timeline from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.
Grades 5+

Encyclopédie Découverte
A dedicated French-language database for younger users who are native speakers as well as those learning the language.
(Recommended ages: 6-10)
Grades K+

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