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STEM/STEAM Storytimes!

As part of the library’s ongoing goal to serve and meet the needs of our community, I’d love to introduce STEM/STEAM storytimes!

I’m sure you know, but STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math (the “A” stands for art, but we do a fairish amount of that already!) For now, my plan is to incorporate STEM concepts into 1 Movers and Shakers session per month and 2 Read, Play, Grow sessions per month.

In these STEM sessions, children will read a developmentally appropriate book dealing with subjects ranging from basic mathematical concepts to engineering design, to life sciences and other scientific inquiry. The goal of these programs is to embed these areas of development into our usual literacy-based approach. Fundamentals of early literacy will still be practiced and introduced only we’ll use STEM subjects to introduce them. In addition to literacy and reading skills, children will also make use of hands-on activities to cultivate critical thinking skills. I’m pretty excited about it!

We’ve tried one in the past and it seemed to go over pretty successfully, so I am beginning a regular schedule tomorrow (Jan 4th) with the Read, Play Grow group and we’ll hold a STEM session every other week. Movers and Shakers will have their first session next Wednesday (Jan 10) and STEM sessions will be held on the second Wednesday of each month.

Hope to see all our friends join us for these fun and engaging storytimes! Can’t wait to see the results!



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