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Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet with local author Leonard David ~ Thurs., Oct. 26, 7 pm

Our Future on Mars

Thursday, October 26, at 7 pm

The next frontier in space exploration is Mars, and human habitation of Mars isn’t much farther off. Now the National Geographic Channel looks to the future with Mars, a six-part series documenting and dramatizing the next 25 years as humans land on and learn to live on Mars. This companion book to the series explores the science behind the mission and the challenges awaiting those brave individuals. This fascinating book will take you millions of miles away and decades into the future to our next home in the solar system.
photo by Nancy Berton, CEO, Gardécor, Inc.

Leonard David has been reporting on space exploration for over five decades. Throughout those years, his writings have appeared in numerous websites, newspapers, magazines and books, such as the Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Private Air, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, and Space News newspaper, as well as Aerospace America and in supplemental writing for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.

Mr. David has been a consultant to NASA, other government agencies and the aerospace industry. In the mid-1980’s he served as Director of Research for the National Commission on Space, a U.S. Congress/White House study that appraised the next 50 to 100 years of space exploration. Learn more at
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