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I already have a card from another Colorado Library. Can I check books out at the Nederland Community Library with this card?
Because we are a separate Library District, we will need to issue you a separate card in order for you to check out our books. Click here for our policy on issuing library cards.

I’m only going to be in town for a short period of time. Can I get a temporary card?
Also: I’m a summer resident, can I get a temporary card?

Yes, we issue temporary cards which enable a borrower to check out one book at a time.

How long can I keep materials from the Nederland Community Library?
You may keep books, magazines, and audiobooks for three weeks. You can renew the books and audiobooks one time, unless someone is on the wait list to receive them.

How much do you charge for overdue fines?
At the current time we do not charge fines for overdue books. Please, however, respect this policy and return your borrowed items within the checkout period. We, and our patrons, will be greatly appreciative. If the borrowed item is not returned, or is returned damaged, we will charge the borrower the cost of the item.

What if I want to keep a book or audiobook for longer than the checkout period?
You may renew materials once, as long as they are not overdue or on hold/reserve for another patron. We offer in-person or phone renewals at (303) 258-1101. You can also renew your materials through your account in our web site. Renewals will allow you an additional 3 weeks.

What if I want a book, audiobook, or movie that you don’t have?
We will be happy to place an Interlibrary Loan request for you. Please be sure the item was published more than one year ago. If the item is available in-state, it will usually arrive within 10 days, unless there are other requests pending for it. Renewals are not allowed on Interlibrary Loan materials, and the fine structure is set by the lending Library. Please be sure to include the specific format for audiobook (Cassette or CD) and for a video (VHS or DVD). Click here for a form to complete and email to us for your request.

What if I think the Library should have a certain item in its catalog?
Please let us know by submitting a purchase request form online here, or while you’re in the Library. We strive to carry books that will be interesting to our patrons

Does the Library have computers available to non card holders?
Yes, computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Computers have Internet access, office and word processing software, and educational games and software. Click here for more information about our computer usage policy.

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