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Toppling preconceptions about human behavior

aspencat.info TOPPLING PRECONCEPTIONS Both titles bring the reader up to speed on the subject in the best possible way- by intermingling arcane neurobiology and behavioral science with intriguing human behavior and history.. Frankly, I really can’t gush enough about how challenging, yet entertaining the writing is. ...by Tom Lambrecht
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Read in Ned: Geezer-Lit

aspencat.info GEEZER LIT These Geezer-Lit titles show a world of active elders who are very much a part of life and living. Sure, they have problems and obstacles, but they have a lot to live for as well, and a lot to offer with their wealth of experience and wisdom. ...by Cathy Grace
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The Pleasures of Discovery

aspencat.info DISCOVERING AND RE-DISCOVERING Since books are my passion and profession, I love to shelve and alphabetize them, and that gives me the opportunity to discover (and re-discover) books for my own enjoyment and to recommend to patrons ...by Cathy Grace
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En Passant it on…

...chess rules. Seriously. We have been having fun and some of the students are becoming better than I am. Which leaves me a bit conflicted, but optimistic. We are entering our 9th week of chess club and our group is…

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Read in Ned: Song of the Dodo

aspencat.info SONG OF THE DODO The science in the book is fascinating, the scientists even more so. Did you know that Darwin sat on his theory of evolution for years and that he was prompted to publish his work by the threat of a contemporary who was going to go public with a similar theory? ...by Jay Mann
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Almost Halloween!!

We are getting ready for Halloween here at the library and to help us do that, we are reading some Halloween books both classic and fun. Here's what we did this week. We read some fun fall books for the…

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George and Lizzie and Libby and Cathy

aspencat.info GEORGE AND LIZZIE and LIBBY AND CATHY I discovered a zippy new app called Libby, which makes it extremely easy to search for and browse ebooks and audiobooks in Nederland’s Overdrive inventory as well as to access other libraries’ Overdrive inventories. ...by Cathy Grace
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