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From Page to Screen

aspencat.info FROM PAGE TO SCREEN While it is nearly always true that a book will have richer language and detail, deeper character development, and as Anne of Green Gables might say “more scope for the imagination,” I maintain that movies offer strengths of their own. ...by Cathy Grace
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New Crop of Cookbooks

aspencat.info NEW CROP OF COOKBOOKS These days, cookbooks have more background about food origins, selecting ingredients and of course, the action-packed lives of their celebrity chef authors. ...by Tom Lambrecht
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A World of Three Zeroes

aspencat.info GIVING THE NEW YEAR A POSITIVE START Since 2017 was a year of political turmoil and climate-related devastation across the planet, I decided that reading an aspirational non-fiction work would be a positive way to start the new year. ...by Roberta Brown-Jones
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STEM/STEAM Storytimes!

As part of the library's ongoing goal to serve and meet the needs of our community, I'd love to introduce STEM/STEAM storytimes! I'm sure you know, but STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math (the "A" stands for art,…

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