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Coming This Fall

aspencat.info OUR STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS Strategic plans set the direction for an organization. They help determine where resources – time, staff, and money – will be focused. ...by Jay Mann
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One is Good, Two is Enough

aspencat.info ONE IS GOOD, TWO IS ENOUGH Alan Weisman’s 2013 book, Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth? is a book that should be read by all who wish to support sustaining a planet worth living on. ...by Roberta Brown-Jones
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Some of today’s best-selling authors are dead

aspencat.info POST MORTEM Some of the best-selling authors in the US today have one thing in common: they are all dead. Sometimes it’s a manuscript that was “found” in a bottom desk drawer; other times, the author’s estate has hired someone to write in the departed’s name and style. ...by Susan Gerhart
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One Heart, Two Lives

aspencat.info MEDITATIONS ON LIFE, DEATH, AND GRIEF Written by French author Maylis de Kerangal and translated by Sam Taylor, The Heart is a study of death, grief and the fine-tuned process of organ donation and transplantation. The book was included on a short list of Bill Gates’s top five books for summer reading. Gates, not usually a fan of fiction, calls The Heart “poetry disguised as a novel,” a fitting description....by Roberta Brown-Jones
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Read in Ned: Summertime Thrill(ers)

aspencat.info SUMMER READING Summer’s approaching; time to make those vacation or staycation plans including choosing which books will accompany you on your travels. Here are several short books of note if you don’t want to tackle War and Peace this summer.......by Susan Gerhart
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