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Hey look! Another blog!

Thank you for visiting the Nederland Community Library Youth Services Blog!

Truth be told, I have little experience writing a blog. I tend to just talk at the computer while I type. It certainly is weird for the folks around me, but hey, it seems to work on the screen!

So this past week, we began our after school programs for the elementary school students here in town. It was such fun to work with this age group again! Although – I was reminded that 8, 9 and 10 year olds have a bit different expectation of the programs than our story time friends do. Yowza! The Crazy 8’s session on Wednesday was well attended and certainly a lively bunch, making the whole session really engaging and fun! If you’re not familiar with Crazy 8’s math, it’s a super fun math enrichment program that encourages hands on practice and touches on some of the aspects of math that students can always use a bit more contact with, like graphing, engineering and geometry. We did some ninja training our last session and – good golly did we have a blast!

One of my FAVORITE programs though is our chess and board games club on Thursdays. Thanks to Chris, our volunteer and fearless chess leader, students were able to engage in the game of chess and we had every single student playing a game on the first meeting. I mean, it took me until is was 13 to even understand that a knight can jump over pieces – these students had it down in 30 minutes! Brilliant! I am so looking forward to seeing where the kiddos end up.

Coming up soon, we will be starting the Makerspace program, where both the elementary students and the middle/high school students will have a chance to tinker with the high tech toys here at the library. We have several systems such as Little Bits, Cublets, and a Gosphere that students can build, program and manipulate to their heart’s content. I’ll have a session for the elementary students and middle/high school students. The next session I have on the ol’ calendar is Sept 25 for the middle/high school kids. Should be a blast!

Thank you again for checking out the blog, I will try to update at least once a week, if not more. I want to make sure all of the cool things happening here at the Nederland Community Library are talked about and shared with yall!





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