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Chess & Board Games – 9/28

Hey guys!

So, I’m not sure if I can stress enough how AMAZINGLY PROUD I am of all the students who come to chess on Thursdays. I know it was a bit of change for some friends who may not have been expecting to focus on chess so much, but it seems that everyone is into it and growing! (of course, we have options for those who may not be into chess at the moment)

Yesterday was such a great day as we had everyone playing at least a game. It is quite an extraordinary sight to see everyone not just remembering all the proper moves and strategies they have learned, but exercising the respect for each other and honor for the game. Almost everyone had a winning game and a losing game and the sportsmanship (while testing at times) was exemplary.

Coach Chris and I are very much looking forward to the upcoming weeks and thank all our families who helped make this program the success it is becoming!



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