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Almost Halloween!!

We are getting ready for Halloween here at the library and to help us do that, we are reading some Halloween books both classic and fun. Here’s what we did this week.

We read some fun fall books for the Movers and Shakers including “Fall is Hard,” and “sd.” Both books are great observation books and great reviews of the seasons and how our weather is changing.  We enjoyed looking at the pictures and watching for reoccurring concepts throughout the stories. One of the greatest tools in picture books, especially books geared for our much younger friends, is the predictability of the stories and pictures, as well as the pictures telling the story. We used the pictures to help us predict what would happen next – a skill that comes in very handy when we begin reading longer, more involved stories. Practicing this skill gets fun when books tend to have silly things happen that we wouldn’t predict – like the fun colors and patterns the tree changes into in “Fall is Hard.”

Certainly, it wouldn’t be Halloween season without a few fun Halloween books! “Go Away Big Green Monster!” and “Halloween Day” are both fun books that got us both thinking about our costumes and about monsters! (and how to make them go away!) It was fun to hear all the fun ideas the children had about dressing up and what they were dressing s for trick-or-treating, which we thought about while reading “Halloween Day”. After reading “Go Away Big Green Monster!,” we took time to make our own monsters and enjoy some time socializing and experimenting with friends. I think that the free time we spend together tends to be a great time for us to try new things and practice working together on different activities.

Come join us to learn and grow more together!




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