Jane Wodening – author reading

2017-04-20 7:00 pm - 2017-04-20 8:00 pm
Driveabout is a memoir by Rocky Mountain author Jane Wodening. Jane raised her family in Lump Gulch, married to experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. When Stan initiated and then finalized divorce proceedings in the 1980s, Jane’s depression took the form of needing a huge change. She purchased a little yellow car named “Bobo” and proceeded to go on Walkabout — only, in her case, it was a Driveabout.
This memoir recounts the many fascinating adventures she had as she drove from one side of the country to the other, exploring historic sites (even becoming a tour guide), ill-advisedly entering an abandoned mine, observing humanity and tangling herself up into a few, select lives.

Jane will be reading from and signing this new book. Jane turned 80 on her last birthday and continues to write and refine.

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